Thursday, December 8, 2016

Uf Da - Year+ in Review

Where do I even start?

It's been a long time since I've addressed you, dear reader, of that I'm acutely aware.

Ultimately, I'm so happy I took a year away from documenting my life. I underwent some big internal and external changes this year, and I feel like I'm coming out of the forge much better for it. It would have been weird to go completely dark, so here I am again. And I come armed with so, so many thoughts... :)

In the time since we last spoke (and keep in mind there are old blog posts yet to be re-published), I:
  • Did the Ha Giang loop with my cuzbro Chris!
  • Got a new job teaching Kindergarten!
  • Hated my job!
  • Traversed the mid-south by motorbike!
  • Visited Chicago, and went to a wedding!
  • Went to Laos!
  • Saw Chris and Anya and their beautiful baby!
  • Missed a whole lot more weddings! Was kind of a dick about it!
  • Got hired (possible dream job?!)!
  • Got fired (Not the dream job!)!
  • Went to Bali! Got a new passport! Cried in front of the military on my way out of the country!
  • Started a private business!
  • All adult students!
  • Got hired again, big company!
  • Somewhere in here I learned to floss my teeth regularly!
  • Learned how to network! Uf da, god, I hate this so much.
  • Turns out the job is perfect for me!
  • Oh, but the national bank is so bad...!
  • New methods of teaching! Technology Points +100!
  • Glenda and Cathy visited, we traveled, and I re-discovered what I love about this country...
  • ...and I'm fired up about Vietnam, once again!!
All sorts of great things from the last year, and beyond... coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to be a bit of a tease... if you're looking for some of my old posts, check out the calendar history. Over 200 posts await your nostolgia-starved brain-holes.

Taken collectively, that's the epic backdrop for the Story about to be told here... on abenabroad.

Dun dun dunnnnnn...!

Stay Tuned! So glad you're here! :)



  1. So glad to have you back! Yes, it's good to step back sometimes and assess things, make changes, come out the other side and see how the world looks from there!

    1. It looks better, but I'm not reallllly out of the storm yet... but I see land. :)


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